Audi 100

1982-1990 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 100
+ 1.1. Controls and devices
+ 2. Technical characteristics
- 3. Engines
   - 3.1. Four-cylinder engines
      3.1.1. Removal and engine installation
      - 3.1.2. Dismantling and engine assemblage Removal and installation of a head of the block of cylinders Removal of a camshaft and pushers of valves Camshaft survey Definition of a technical condition of hydropushers of valves Installation of a camshaft and pushers of valves Removal and installation of valves (dismantling of a head of the block) Survey, дефектовка and repair of details of a head of the block of cylinders Backlashes between cams of a cam-shaft and pushers of valves A camshaft drive Removal and installation of an intermediate shaft Removal and flywheel installation Replacement of epiploons of a cranked shaft Removal and installation oil картера Removal, check and installation of the oil pump Dismantling of shatunno-piston group Survey and check of details of shatunno-piston group Assemblage of shatunno-piston group Removal, survey and installation of a cranked shaft
   + 3.2. Five-cylinder engines
   + 3.3. The diesel engine
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. An exhaust system
+ 6. The power supply system
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. A running gear
+ 9. A steering
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. A body
+ 12. An electric equipment

eb52c3b6 Installation of a camshaft and pushers of valves
1. To grease cams and necks of a camshaft and pushers with engine oil.
2. To establish in pushers 7 adjusting washers 8 inscription downwards if them took out (see fig. the Head of the block of cylinders, the camshaft and valves).
3. To establish pushers into place according to earlier made marks.
4. To lay a camshaft on bearings so that cams of 1st cylinder have been turned to pushers.
5. To establish covers of 10 bearings according to earlier made labels. To twirl on a diagonal of a nut of covers of 2nd and 4th bearings before camshaft fixing in bearings.
6. To twirl nuts of covers 1, 3 and 5th bearings. After that to tighten all nuts on a diagonal the moment 20 Нм (2,0 кгсм).
7. To grease an epiploon with 20 engine oil and запрессовать it with the help оправки заподлицо with a surface of a head 19 blocks of cylinders.
8. To establish шпонку 11 and a cogwheel 12 on a camshaft.
9. To wrap a bolt 14 with a washer 13 and to tighten the moment 80 Нм (8,0 кгсм).